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~ FAQs ~

“We really appreciate you coming to our house and helping with our chimney on such a cold day. We feel much better now.” - M. P., Laurel

Will you make a mess in our home?

  We take every precaution to make sure that doesn't happen. Our technicians use several layers of drop cloths for floor protection and have a specially-designed high-filter vacuum to contain dust. Our goal is to leave your home cleaner than we found it – by removing soot and debris from the chimney without getting it in your home.

  “Thanks for the expedient and well done job. We appreciate your efforts, and also your kind words”- L.W., Seaford

Can you tell me if our chimney is safe?

  Through our thorough inspection of fireplaces and wood stoves, we can get a good idea of the condition of the appliance and chimney. To the best of our ability, we will give you a fair and accurate assessment and make any recommendations for repairs. Unless specified otherwise, we perform Level One inspections as defined by NFPA 211, the standard for the chimney sweep industry. In cases where there has been a chimney fire, a change in the usage of the existing chimney or a transfer of the property to a new owner, PTL will perform a Level Two inspection.

  “Thank you. Now I know that I can safely have a fire because you worked hard to do the job right.” - J.M., Rehoboth

How soon can you come to our home?

  We can usually arrange a service call within a week, though it could be longer if you contact us during the hectic Fall months. (Hint: Don't procrastinate!) Our schedule is arranged geographically, so our staff can spend more time in your home and less on the highway.

  “I am grateful for all your prompt and responsive service” - B. G., Lewes

Why don't you wear a top hat, like in the movies?

  Back in the 70s, when our industry was experiencing a rebirth, many sweeps dressed in the traditional top hat and tails. It was an eye-catching way to introduce people to our services. Nowadays, most consumers recognize the importance of chimney maintenance. Within the industry, there is more emphasis on technical know-how and understanding things like chimney physics and building codes. The chimney pro of this era is more likely to be toting an iPad than to be wearing a top hat!

  “Just wanted to say thanks for the ‘extras’ and the way you do business. It’s appreciated” - N.H., Rehoboth

Are you the company my friend told me to call?

  We sure hope so! We have thousands of loyal customers who often refer us to their friends and family. We look forward to earning your trust as well.

“Thank you for your help with my chimney repairs. I used it last weekend and it burned so lovely. I can understand why you come so highly recommended. Have a wonderful holiday season!” - N.R., Bethany

How often should we have our chimney cleaned?

  Once a year is usually enough for most chimneys. Many folks who use their wood stoves or fireplaces more intensely have us come several times a year. We can give you a better idea of your needs after our initial inspection.

  “Thank you ever so much for prompt service. I had no idea there was so much accumulation in just three years without anything to stop the birds. It is a treat to feel sure I should have no further problems” - J.M., Delmar

Are chimney sweeps really good luck?

  In Europe, many bridal parties are graced by the presence of a chimney sweep, invited because of the good luck he brings. Here, we always feel lucky returning from a roof at the same speed that we ascended! Another lucky feeling: being able to gaze upon some of the great Delmarva scenery from two stories or higher.

  “You will never know what a blessing you were to me when you stopped by and gave me a lesson on how to get heat to come out of my wood stove. I have so much heat right now, I don’t know what to do with it. Wait until tonight and then I will surely be glad for the warmth!” - A. J., Willards

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