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~ Inspections ~

Call us today for a thorough evaluation of fireplaces, wood stoves or furnace chimneys.

Our certified inspector will be looking at these elements when he visits your home:

• Hearth

• Firebox

• Smoke chamber

• Lintel

• Damper housing

• Damper plate

• Damper handle/opening mechanism

• Clean out

• Clearance from combustibles

• Doors and/or screen

• Connector Pipe (WS)

• Flue

• Draft/Flow

• Mortar joints

• Roof/Flashing

• Crown

• Cap

• Overall functionality of the appliance

   “Thanks so much for doing such an extremely tough job in such hot weather. It is much appreciated.” - V. D., Seaford

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Rusted caps and a deteriorating crown are among the issues that jump out from this inspection.